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January 29, 2010

Baby Massage Class

We are having our first Baby Massage Class here at giggle Pasadena!  Our instructor, Dr. Eileen Escarce, comes to us with years of experience!  If you have ever thought about trying a massage class, this will be a great introduction for you. Please join us on Wednesday, February 17th @ 11:30am, following our weekly storytime at 11:00 am.

This event is free, but please RSVP by calling the store at 626.744.0233

January 28, 2010

It’s Almost Time to Celebrate…Valentine’s Day!

That’s right…February is right around the corner and it’s never too soon to start planning and shopping for this sweet day!  Please take a moment to view the special Valentine’s Day assortment of products that we have to offer.  And…the next time you are in the area…certainly visit us in the store.  We would love to assist you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.  Because we offer you the best of…there is so much time saved.  And…all of that time saved can be placed towards celebrating this special day.  Happy early Valentine’s Day to our friends and family of giggle!

January 28, 2010

A Rabbit Hole Adventure


I’ve always been easily seduced by big adventures, and possess the talent to turn mundane tasks into bold explorations.  The Irondale Ensemble Project is appealing to that sensibility with their site-specific, family friendly production of “alice…Alice…ALICE.” The Irondale Ensemble Project is a non-profit theater company housed at the Irondale Center for Theater, Outreach, and Education in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood.  “alice…Alice…ALICE,” based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” is a member-lead audience-exploration of the Center’s dramatic, historic 7,300 square foot space, guiding participants through Wonderland-esque nooks and crannies, and features original dialogue and music performed by the company.  The production offers an explorative introduction to the range of programs the Center offers, and an adventurous approach to navigating Alice’s world.  Now, pardon me, for I have to follow a rabbit to an afternoon tea.


Learn more about Irondale Ensemble Project and “alice…Alice…ALICE” at www.irondale.org.  Check-out what the New York Times is saying about “alice…Alice…ALICE”:


But, don’t wait too long — the production runs through February 20th, and only 12 people are permitted during each journey.

January 28, 2010

My A-List Weekend Uniform


Like a lot of moms, weekends around my house are family time. That means that Saturdays and Sundays are not days to be fussing with my appearance. I’d rather just get out the door and get to the park or the farmers’ market than spend a lot of time in front of a mirror. So in honor of weekend time, I wanted to mention what I consider my survival kit that lets me focus on what’s really important.

You know those days when you really don’t want to bother with makeup? You can save yourself the time and effort with a great cover-up. Those are days when I just throw on my ColeHaan Aviator sunglasses (above) in lieu of mascara. I love them so much I even wore them for my picture for my profile in Cookie Magazine (although I didn’t actually skip the makeup that day).

aw_kiehlsAnother great shortcut that I swear by is my Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Gloss. Not only is it great for moisturizing dry lips in winter, but it has a little color so you can forego the lipstick, too.

And of course, if you’re trying to get out of the house, you don’t necessarily want to stop and do your hair. My solution? A quick ponytail with my Nike baseball cap and I’m out the door! (Mine is black, which is currently out of stock, but here’s a cute purple one.)

Use the comments section below to share your shortcuts!

January 27, 2010

She looked like an Empress

I recently tried to tell a lovely, older, Japanese woman in my yoga class how lovely she was- discovering that she does not speak English; I did my best with pantomime. Yesterday, I was downtown, and turned around to see her standing there with her adult daughter- we were both delighted to see each other. Her daughter interpreted for us and we were able to find out each other’s names. The daughter offered her business card and so I too gave her mine; the daughter looked at me and said: “Are you Sarah McMoyler?” “We took your class 3 years ago and loved it!” Six degrees of separation…the lovely woman from Yoga and I have officially met and I have reconnected with a graduate…

January 27, 2010

Mom’s Night Out & Fashion Show

Our great partner Active Mom’s Club will be co-hosting a wonderful event for Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be @ Fleet Feet Sports Thursday Feb 11th @ 7 pm.

Check out the latest trends in lifestyle & active apparel while enjoying some light refreshments and mingling with  old and new friends. A great way to get ready for the Chicago summer !

Please RSVP to info@activemomsclub.com so we know to expect you.

Check back next week when Coach Cassandra will be posting a weekly pre- & postnatal fitness tip.

January 26, 2010

we found it!!

On Sunday morning Annie & i packed up her 3 year old (we needed her for cover) and took a trip to the 92nd Street Y in Tribeca to see Brady Rymer. Everyone who works here & shops here knows how much i love Brady Rymer!! His CD’s make us happy. Its the kind of cd that adults & children can listen to & sing to. i am his biggest fan!
The Tribeca Y is an awesome place that has programs for kids & their parents every sunday morning (called BYOK or bring your own (or someone else’s ) kid. They even have a cafe for lunch or snacks. And best of all no cars on the LI Expressway so you get there in no time. Don’t forget to get your Brady cd here at giggle so you too can become his biggest fan.

January 26, 2010

Backyard Playgrounds

We were lucky to find a home with a backyard playset that little Ezra could enjoy. However, after we bought our house and made a closer inspection, we realized what we had was an eyesore of a swing set and clubhouse that needed some serious refinishing and replacing of parts. I also started to worry that perhaps the wood used was seething with toxic chemicals. I’ve been on the look-out for cool modern playsets (that are hopefully reasonable in price) and provide something a little more sculptural to look at. I’ve read plenty of blog postings with one-off ideas that seems really cool and interesting, but they don’t lead me anywhere since most seem like concepts only.
I spotted the Weevos system by Landscape Structures that have an interesting design and offer functional play, though probably too commercial for a backyard setting. What are your solutions for backyard playsets?

January 26, 2010

Parenting at all stages…

My first born called me last night; I immediately detected a note of excitement in his voice: “Hi Mom, I had the greatest day today!” He went on to tell me all about his first day of school- at college! He was trying to add a class, the professor had all the students anxious to get in, stand up and plead their case-why they should be selected to get into his class. Luke described how some were shy or hesitant as they presented their case…not only did Luke get in, but after class, the professor told him “you delivered a symphony!”
All parents know this feeling- when our kids make us smile and our hearts swell…Luke’s phone call propelled me back to his first smile, first steps, first day of kindergarten, learning to ride a bike…so many pictures…we love our children, grow them strong, in order to let them go, release them-so that they may go out into the world and write their own unique symphony…

January 26, 2010

Language Development- Part 3

During the third year of language development, early advantages compound as two year olds have learned that words represent things and know enough words to help them figure out new words by context very quickly.  You may notice your child making good, quick guesses as to what certain words mean.  This is called fast mapping the meaning of new words.  I noticed that if I used a sentence with all familiar words except one, but the context was familiar Whitney would quickly figure out the meaning of the new word. Two year olds are best able to carry on a conversation with others when there are only two people involved in the conversation (see video at http://bit.ly/6Ueixh).

Picture 5

As Whitney started having more conversations with others, she would also begin to recognize if her message was understood and to repeat it and clarify if necessary. This is an important step in effectively communicating with others. While this ability generally emerges around 2 ½ year of age, it isn’t until children are older, that they ask for clarification from others when they do not understand. Children are also learning to use language to demand reasons from others, which makes it possible for children to test limits and challenge caregivers verbally.  Whitney began to ask why she couldn’t have a cookie before dinner and would even use language to try to negotiate, most often in the form of pleading, to persuade us otherwise. By the time they are 3, our children have learned to use language to express their feelings, to try to resolve a conflict with someone else, to negotiate and to make their needs and wants known. They have mastered an enormous amount in these brief few years.

All of these early language developments then have an influence on the later developments of multiple academic and social skills during preschool, primary school, and beyond. So language in particular is a key skill to nurture and support in our babies.  It is important to note that what is not mentioned for support is flash cards nor anything about the ABCs. Language develops as your baby interacts with and shows an interest in real things. So as you play with water, blocks, balls and other things around the house, narrate what is happening, describe the details to keep the flow of language a rich source of stimuli for your baby. If your baby has siblings around the house that will also help increase the language a baby hears. In addition, the media we choose makes a difference. Research now shows that Baby Einstein is not well designed for language acquisition; but content does matter, Baby TV that has different design features such as eebee’s Adventures better supports a babies’ need for language acquisition in a context that makes sense for babies at a pace they can follow.