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March 31, 2010

Last Minute Basket Stuffers!!

With Easter less than a week away, you may feel like you can fit a few more great gifts in your loved one’s basket. We would love to help with those last minute additional basket items. We have festive animal placemats, such as pink elephants, blue whales and green frogs; to help encourage family dining. You can never go wrong with our Deglingos stuffed bunnies and matching booties! Then to top off a great day; you could put your little ones to bed with the charming book “In My Meadow” which includes an attached bunny finger puppet!! No matter what you do or give this Easter, and every holiday know giggle is always here with those last minute gifts!

March 31, 2010

Special Storytime — Earth Month Edition!

We’re hosting two special giggle storytimes in honour of Earth Stroll – the 3rd annual Earth Day celebration at San Francisco’s Crissy Field.

Our storytimes are always a fun way to develop your child’s imagination and foster a love of reading, and these two storytime events will also help you teach your child about living a greener lifestyle!

The first storytime will be held on Thursday, 1 April at 11:00 am. If you can’t make it — no worries! Our second event will be on Thursday, 8 April at 11:00 am, so you have another chance to go green with giggle!

This event is free! No registration is necessary. For more information, please call 415-945-9631 or email amanda[at]giggle[dot]com

March 29, 2010

New Beginnings at Concord Library

giggle will be present and supporting “New Beginnings” at the Concord Library this upcoming Thursday, April 1st at 7pm.  Get the opportunity to meet childbirth professionals in Midwives, Childbirth Educators, Birth Doulas, La Leche League Leaders, and Infant Massage Therapists.  You will have the chance to ask questions and get them answered by these local specialists.  So, please join us in spreading resources and options for newcoming parents.  See you there!

March 29, 2010

CBS Early Show tips on creating a healthier, greener nursery

CBS Early Show, with guest host Danny Seo, did a segment on basic steps to creating a greener, healthier nursery.

We’ve talked about lots of these issues in past blogs, but here’s Danny’s list of things to pay attention to:

  • Crib mattresses: go organic, avoid certain plastics and flame retardants (more information here from our previous post on this topic).
  • Cribs: Danny chose Q Collection Junior’s Luna crib because of our use of PEOPLE SAFE. PLANET SAFE materials.  He also loved that the Luna grows with kids, converting from crib to toddler bed to daybed.  (Thanks for your support Danny!).
  • Cleaning products: always go with non-toxic options
  • Air purifiers: look for non-ozone creating machines
  • Toys: focus on toys made with natural and/or organic materials.  Danny likes giggle’s organic selection (found here).

The complete video can be viewed here:  http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6278563n

March 27, 2010

Composing Your Baby Part Shots

Baby parts shots are clearly not traditional photography.  In order to be successful as art, they must be composed in an artful manner.  Simply shooting a picture of your baby’s hand, without much thought as to the art in the photo will result in a photo that looks like a paw.  You have to carefully select what will appear in the photo and what will not, the scale of the part in the photo and the angle at which you approach the part.  There should be a lot of interesting shapes and geometry in the photo.

I like to zoom in tight on each part, but not so tight as to cause the viewer of the photo to have a hard time identifying what the part is.  For instance, zooming in tight on a belly button, without providing the viewer the benefit of seeing the side of the baby’s tummy will likely be unrecognizable as a belly button and certainly won’t have the requisite art qualities to make a great photo.  You might love the little birthmark on your child’s lower back, but shooting that without any visual reference as to where that is on the child, will not make a nice picture.  By choosing a good angle, and some other feature like the derriere, you may just provide the point of reference the photo needs.

You need to look at each part in relation to what is around it and make your composition decision.  Photographing a baby’s ear might be greatly enhanced approaching the ear more from the back of the child where you might also be able to include the nape of the child’s neck and the curve of their cheek, not to mention some awesome shadow areas.

I like to have parts like the feet and hands and bum coming out from the corners of the photograph as opposed to the sides.  I think this enhances the art in the final piece.  Also, a looking up shot of just the baby’s face, peering out from the corner of the photograph lends some really nice geometry to the piece.

Capturing tummies without privates on a baby that is sitting up can be a challenge.  For this, you must get down as low to the ground as you can and shoot from a very low angle, straight on.  If your baby is young enough, you can get the tummy more easily on the baby lying down.  Older babies generally will not lay there long enough to get this shot.  If the baby is lying down, be sure to use some sort of reflector to help light the tummy relatively evenly.

March 26, 2010

Earth Month is Approaching…

giggle welcomes Earth Month with special storytimes for the next 2 weeks at our location.  On Wednesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 7th at 11am, we will have special storytimes that will involve activities around creating fun stuffs with gifts from mother nature.  Plus, we will read about living much healthier and greener in our everyday.  Plus, its also our countdown for the third-annual Earth Day celebration at San Francisco’s Crissy Fields.  So, please join us…and let’s celebrate our beautiful Earth and everything she has to offer.

March 26, 2010

Alert! Baby Sling Recall

Headline news in the world of baby products this week — over one million “sling” type baby carriers have been recalled as a result of at least three infant deaths. Specific brands include: Infantino Slingrider and Wendy Bellisimo. Newborns to 4 months of age have reportedly died from asphyxia/suffocation while being carried in the slings. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission evidently reported up to 14 deaths related to sling type carriers. For further information, visit the CPSC.

March 25, 2010

Spring Time in the City

Have a Bunny Basket to fill?  Come check out our new spring time favorites! giggle has you covered with cuddly plush chicks like the organic Miyim Jingle Chicken with finger puppets (pictured below), sweet new board books about bunnies in their meadow homes, and so much more.

And if your looking for some outdoor family fun now that the sun has made an appearance, be sure to mark you calendars for 19th Annual Union Street Spring Celebration.  With games, rides, and a quirky parade; there will be something for everyone!

19th Annual Union Street Spring Celebration

Sunday April 4th

10AM-5PM (parade at 2PM)

Union St. (between Gough and Steiner)

March 25, 2010

BabyBjorn Travel Crib…… FREE!

giggle Pasadena is giving away a BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light in silver…..FREE! Retail price is $280.00 and it weighs 11 pounds. Perfect for the visit to the park, beach or giggle’s storytime on Wednesday at 11:00 am. Just drop by the store to fill out a sweep card by March 31, 2010. The winner will be selected by April 3rd. Good luck and happy giggling.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light
March 24, 2010

Summer Travel Made Easy

Planning a family get-away? Stop by giggle Corte Madera and enter our give-away!

giggle Corte Madera is giving away a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light (in giggle-exclusive silver)  to one lucky customer!

Perfect for families on the go, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is our pick for portable cribs. Super-light weight, with a cushy foam mattress and easy set up, it’s no wonder we love the Travel Crib Light! It fits easily in the overhead bin of an airplane,  pops open and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. The compact design is also great for those who need a play area for home, but are short on space.

The absolute best feature of the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light: it’s completely washable! Everything, from the mattress protector to the carry bag — even the crib itself! — is machine washable!

There is no weight limit for the crib, since the stable design keeps it securely on the floor; toddlers up to 3 years of age can enjoy this fantastic travel crib.

Entries must be completed in-store between 23 March and 31 March. The winner will be chosen at random by 3 April.