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July 30, 2010

An A-List Interview: Liz Lange

Liz Lange with her son and daughter.

A household name in maternity, Liz Lange needs little introduction. She saved us from maternity smocks and muumuus, and was one of the first designers who showed us that pregnancy could be fashionable.

In addition to being a great designer, Liz is an activist, a role model and a philanthropist. She goes above and beyond in her communities, doing great things for women, children and families. She’s down to earth and a really nice person – Liz is the real deal.

Ali Wing: What is your motto?
Liz Lange: I have many mottos: “Life is a party — are you dressed for it?” “Until someone does something new, no one thinks its a good idea.” “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!”

AW: What inspires you?
My children inspire me.  They are so kind, funny and smart and my daughter already has her own sense of style.

AW: What color are you loving right now?
I am loving all shades of blue.

AW: What are you currently reading?
LL: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and I can’t put it down!

AW: What’s your favorite city/location/destination?
LL: NYC – where I grew up and am now raising my children is my favorite city in the world and it’s my home.  But I love Rome, Capri and Paris to visit.

Beautiful Capri, one of Liz Lange's fave vacation spots.

AW: Who is your favorite composer, or what is your favorite music genre?
LL: I love all types of music from opera, classical to top 40.  I am a huge Verdi and Tchaikovsky fan, but then again I adore Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas!

AW: What was your most favorite baby gift you received?
LL: Personalized Burp cloths with my children’s names on them (my daughter is 9 and she still likes to sleep with hers!).

AW: What was the baby product you couldn’t live without?
LL: Wipes!  I used them on my children when they were babies, and we still use them. 

And please complete the following:

…make(s) me laugh.
My children make me laugh (they are so funny), but so do Alec Baldwin, Martin Short, Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

My proudest moment in parenting was…
When other parents tell me how polite my children are when they are over (it’s also my most shocked moment!).

July 29, 2010

Summer Bash!!

Ready, Set, Party!!

Its here, the summer bash put on by our neighborhood kids club. Peekadoodle is hosting its summer bash this Saturday, July 31st from 10am to 2pm at Ghirardelli Square. Peekadoodle is a kids club that offers classes for young children such as cooking, music, yoga, science, and art. They also have an indoor activity center where children come in and let their imaginations take hold and explore endless possibilities of fun. Saturday, kids from age 7 and under are welcome to join in on the excitement at a reasonable cost of $10 per child to enjoy live music, jumpy houses, face painting and much, much more! Before you hit the party make sure you stop by your favorite giggle store on Chestnut St.  to pick up all your outdoor necessities such as sunscreen and sun hats!



July 29, 2010

Super Sale!

Stop by giggle Corte Madera and save big! We’re offering an additional 25% off our sale items!

Whether you’re in the market for organic Stokke bedding, swim clothes for end of summer get-aways, or just shopping for the best deal in town, you’re sure to find something fabulous at a great price! Act fast, because the super sale ends this Saturday, 31 July.

See you soon!

July 28, 2010

Sale! Sale! Sale!

giggle welcome a summer cleaning of sorts….all current markdowns are an extra 25% off this week until Saturday, July 31st.  So come on in and take advantage of this amazing savings.  Give us a call at our store to know what items have gone on sale…maybe something you had your eye on is all of sudden at a great price.  The Walnut Creek team awaits you…See you soon!

July 28, 2010

Shooting Light and Airy

One of the most basic “tricks” to shooting light and airy outdoor photos is to shoot on sunny days at the time of day when the light is soft and diffuse, yet bright.  I have written about this before.  Shoot 2-3 hours after sunrise or sunset.  Morning light seems bluer and late afternoon light seems more yellow.  My preference is always that golden yellow light of late afternoon, early evening.

You can shoot out in the open, such as in an open field, but be aware that, unless it is quite early or late, you may have contrasty images and shadows.  To soften the light in that circumstance, you can purchase a diffusion screen, or just have someone hold up a bed sheet.  The diffusion will take away harsh shadows, but will leave most of the light to work with.  If you shoot in a shady area, you will have beautiful light, but you may have to shoot with a wide open aperture in order to have a sharp photograph if the light is getting low.  The photograph of the baby was taken in the shade of a house.

Sunshine coming from behind your subject can be a gorgeous look.  It is really hard to achieve this look with a point and shoot camera, however.  Most often, your camera will be exposing mostly for the bright sky and will underexpose your subject, leading to a silhouette.  If you expose for the skin, the sky will be way overexposed.  The answer?  Expose for skin and let the background do what it is going to do.  Some areas of overexposure in the background lend to the dreamy, airy feel of the photo. Shoot in aperture priority and use your exposure compensation button to achieve the right exposure on the skin.

For those who are interested in what I do in the studio, check out this new movie short which will show you a typical studio shoot.  Yes, that is me doing the photos!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYP-OyDuVvI

July 28, 2010

Take an additional 25% off Markdowns!

Starting today giggle is offering an additional 25% off our already marked down merchandise! This is a great opportunity to purchase amazing giggle items at the lowest price. We have great deals on bedding, clothing, cleaning products, décor, and more. This offer is only available thru Saturday, July 31st. So stop by giggle, Pasadena today to check out our awesome assortment of markdowns– you won’t want to miss this! We’ll see you soon!


July 28, 2010

I scream, You scream, We All Scream for…Red Mango??

When I think of hot summer days, I think of vanilla ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles. Recently those images have been replaced now that Red Mango  has come to Wheatley Plaza. Red Mango serves delicious and nutritious frozen yogurt in many flavors (my favorite is pomagranate). Their are many healthy (and a few not so healthy) toppings to choose from. So stop by Red Mango for your cool summer treat and then stop by our great store!

July 28, 2010

Water, water everywhere…



With temperatures reaching the near 100′s in the city, I’m always looking for a place to take the kids to cool off. Nestled between the Westside Highway and 11th Ave in Chelsea is a “water playground” that will surely help the wee ones (caregivers too) beat the heat. Chelsea Waterside Park on 23rd St, is packed with mini wading pools, kid sized wall spouts and bowling pin shaped fountains shooting way into the air! Among the waterworks, there are also play structures that resemble pieces of modern art, designed to inspire new ways to climb, twist and spin. A large slide, deposits little ones neatly in the sand box where they can create sand masterpieces. Grown ups will appreciate the park’s well designed use of space, with almost every seat covered by a fabric “tree shade”. Be sure to bring swimsuits, sunscreen and some tools for sand-play to ensure a great day at the park! 

For more information please visit:


July 28, 2010

The best of the blog & summer

My family and I are going out west for some family vacation time…..some hiking, fishing, first camping experience with my son (3.5 years) and general down time outdoors.

I am going to press pause briefly on the blog for that time but I thought I would outline the topics I have covered in the past few months…with some quick reference links.

Have a great rest of your summer!

Greening your nursery basics

Non profit resources

Green Nursery interviews

Renovation resources & ideas

Q Collection Junior’s leadership

July 27, 2010

Concerts Under the Stars

Did you know that until August 29th the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena puts on 5 FREE concerts a week? Well now you do! Every Wednesday thru Sunday night at 8 pm your family has the opportunity to enjoy award winning artists performing in the beautiful outdoor amphitheater in Memorial Park. All ages are welcome and the best part is its free! Wednesday nights are kid themed concerts starting at 7:30 pm, perfect for your little ones to feel involved. So, pack a picnic, head over to Memorial Park (on Walnut and Marengo), and take advantage of this great concert series while you still can.


Come visit us at giggle to stock up on items that will help you enjoy the concerts in the park like:

  a Skip Hop Outdoor Blanket

the Deluxe Lunchbox Set

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or California Baby Natural Bug Repellent 

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